Saturday, 14 April 2012

وقف دموعهم، يا نساء

(METRO)Tuesday: 20 MAC 2012 (27 Rabiulakhir 1433H)

Siti Nur Fatihah Mahadi, 15,was said to be walking towards a cell phone shop in Taman Tas near here on Sunday, accompanied by siblings Siti Nurul Aishah and Mohd Shami Aiman, both aged 11, when a car driven by a woman, drew alongside the trio. A man who was seated in the rear passenger seat, grabbed the form three student of Sekolah Menengah Pandan before the vehicle sped off in the incident about noon, according to her siblings. However, the story revealed she was staged her own abduction before she was found at her boyfriend's house in Kampung Merchong on Tuesday night

  (KOSMO)Friday: 23 MAC 2012 (30 Rabiulakhir 1433H)

Nornabila Mat Yaacob, 15 years old, had been found after missing for three days after going out from the house with her friend to shop nearby. However, she was claimed for missing after that before had been found at her boyfriend’s house, 26-year-old, who is married with a child,. After being missing about three days, her mother was successfully found her after calling her boyfriend to ask for her location.  

(KOSMO) Sabtu: 10 MAC 2012 ( 17 RABIULAKHIR 1433H)

Nurul Zakiah Hidayah Azman, 17 years old, had been reported to be missing after going out from the house on 14 February 2012. She was claimed to run out from the house with his boyfriend named Samer Khan after knowing him about three weeks. Her family after realizing about her missing then lodged a report but had retracted back such report after Zakiah had returned home after had been missing 


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