Saturday, 14 April 2012

لماذا يا النساء


Surah An-Nur 24: 31
This verse basically had laid down certain principles/regulations that had to be observed by women so that they can be a good Muslimah. However, if we can see nowdays, women tend to lure themselves to the latest trend/fashion that had been much influenced by the Western lifestyle compared to observe and fulfill their obligations towards Allah. . However, we must understand that Islam never prohibit women from following such latest trend/fashion so long as it is accordance with the Islamic teachings. That’s mean what Islam prohibit is not “WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR” as women are allowed to wear anything so long as it is in line with Syariah and Islamic teachings.


As we can see there is hadith by which the Prophet had expressly said that the most number of person in the Hell is women. WHY?? It is not because due to the fact that they are women but due to their attitude and behavior  that basically had led them to enter the Hell. However, we also know that  women also can be said as person who can easily enter the Paradise provided that they complied with the Syariah of Islam. Thus we can say that as long as they follow the teachings of Islam, no doubt,  they will be saved from the Hell. As we can see that women basically had been rested upon them certain strict obligations compared to man that must be observed by them such as in term of ‘aurah’. The women must realize that Allah had not make something without reasons behind it. As His command upon women to observe their aurat too,there must be wisdom behind it. That's why, the women must obey such command by Him to ensure that they can be such a good Muslimah. Let us think about it!!


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